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The Best Solar Manufacturers of 2019

Posted on Oct. 22, 2019 by Sanghamitra Sinha

iSolarWorld has already drawn an inference for growth to continue in the solar sector in 2019 and ahead owing to the US federal solar tax credits, avant-garde Green New Deals, innovative subsidies, and newest solar technologies. The United States is undoubtedly booming with chunks of solar panels today. Be it a prodigious museum or a prestigious university, everybody seems to be in a league when it comes to renewable energy utilization to the fullest. We all are well aware of solar panels having a lot of advantages. Less expense on your electricity bills and low maintenance cost, both these are the major reasons behind solar panels becoming a hit. But wait for a moment and ask yourself, who all should actually be credited for this? Who are the masterminds behind these lucrative innovations? They are none other than the solar panel manufacturers! Yes, today an estimation of two million solar PV installation happened in quarter-one, 2019, which is, in comparison an increase of 10% from the quarter-one of 2018; and the biggest quarter-one ever. In fact, solar companies in the US are hoarding panels to take full advantage of the solar subsidy that will be facing downwards from next year onwards. Did you know how the present-day solar manufacturing companies are leveraging from all the incentives and facilities being provided to them? With the solar module prices in States touching the crest, solar companies are far from letting go of a single opportunity to bring in progress.

Top Worldwide Solar Manufacturers of 2019

Abiding by their efficiency and performance level, here we have listed down the top players in the global market, who are currently winning over the solar sector, having the largest global market share based on the recent sales figure.

# Company Country
1 JinkoSolar China
2 JA Solar China
3 Trina Solar China
4 LONGi Solar China
5 Canadian Solar Canada
6 Hanwha Q-CELLS South Korea
7 Risen Energy China
8 GCL-SI Hong Kong
9 Talesun China
10 First Solar USA

Top U.S Solar Manufacturers of 2019

Notwithstanding the fact that a lion’s share of prominent solar manufacturers do “import” their substance from south-east Asia, there are still a lot of solar energy companies that not only make their solar panels but are also head-quartered in the country only.

So here goes the list of organic US solar manufacturing companies

    • Auxin Solar
    • Certainteed Solar
    • First Solar
    • Global Solar
    • GreenBrilliance
    • Lumos Solar
    • Prism Solar
    • Seraphim Solar
    • Solar Electric America
    • Solaria
    • SolarTech Universal
    • SolSuntech
    • SunPower
    • SunSpark
    • Tesla/Panasonic

What are the best solar panels being made of?

Believe it or not, the global solar PV market has outgrown its other renewable competitors in the market exponentially. So is the magnitude that it has acquired today that the outside market entails a multitude of solar-manufacturing companies. As per our latest findings- SunPower, LG, and Panasonic make the best solar panels on the market. Credit goes to their efficiency-level, competitive pricing and 25-years of warranty! That makes them stand out in the crowd. These solar panel brands have given an all-new meaning to the terms – durability, reliability, cost-efficiency and premium protection and more.

Almost all homeowners of today’s generation are emphasizing the importance of energy independence as a major factor. Although iSolarWorld is providing you with all the necessary information and guidance to the solar way, we suggest you take help from your installer and consider their suggestion. After all, they are the ones most well-informed and equipped with currents products and prices in the market.

      If you are further interested in learning more about how solar panels are being ranked in the US, kindly visit our website to leverage upon. On grounds of determining metrics like solar panel efficiency, it stands significant to understand the conversion potential of your panels as a way to decide which brand to go with. SunPower, for example, with its module efficiency of 23% is looked upon as a brand providing impressive conversion efficiency which has regularly fluctuated over the past 10 years for holding the world record. Having said that, we shall also inform that SunPower panels are way more costly than a cheaper brand like Canadian Solar and thus the size of your system and panel output will help you to perceive what is going to generate maximum solar savings and maximum immediate payback period.

Price Comparison between Solar Panel

There are a lot of factors, depending on which we can elaborate or debate for a particular solar panel brand but here we will talk only about the pricing strategy. Out of the gallons of brands, here we have picked 2019’s top 4 solar panel brands so far.

  1. SunPower – Since the wholesale price of a SunPower solar panel is hard to assume, we provide you with the retail price that stands available for a tier-one string inverter for around 4 dollars per watt (in cash). SunPower is selling their product at a premium of approx. 0.40 dollars.
  2. LG- When purchasing from LG, you can get a 5 kilowatt of the system at an average of 15 dollars to a higher range of 18 dollars. A system of 8 kilowatts will come for approx. 25 dollars average and at a premium of nearly 29 dollars. The average price of a 10-kilowatt solar panel is approx. 32 dollars and an estimation of 36 dollars at maximum. All the prices mentioned above are adhering to the latest 2019 pricing policy. Also, the NeON2 module series of the LG solar panels are quite huge in the demand.
  3. REC Group- These typically cost between $2.6 and $3.2 per watt, making them a strong value in the market for home solar.
  4. Panasonic- This brand of solar panel system typically costs 2.5 to 3 dollars per watt; on an average range. Now you calculate your gross cost depending on the size of your solar panel system.

**While interacting with our clients/readers, we came across certain queries or confusion related to the use of solar. Here in this article, we tried to clear out some of them. **

Do all solar manufacturing companies use the same kind of glass for making their panels?

On a general note, the majority of today’s solar panels are created out of some variations of silicon- be it Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, or thin-filmed photovoltaics. Very few solar panel brands fall into the category of exception. Now the factor that determines the difference between all these is the purity percentage of silicon. The alignment of silicon molecules directs the amount of solar energy that the solar panel is going to convert into electricity. Hereafter, most tempered and low-ironed glass is preferred. So that the solar panel does not expand or contract due to sunlight; and to avoid any reduction of optical transmissivity of glasses. Now glass is basically a mixture of liquid sand (silicon dioxide) and some other elements heated at a high temperature! Subsequently, it goes through a series of scientific processes to attain the desired characteristics by respective manufacturers. Certain high-quality solar panel does make use of a nonreflective coating on the first surface of the glazing in order to increase the sunlight amount hitting on the cells. This process brings in a lot more expensive too!

Now going by the question, we would like to conclude that although all recognizable solar manufacturing companies today are more or less making use of the same kind of silicon glasses and techniques, they are not imputing the exactly similar kind of elements in their products - solar panels (as compared to their competitors). They do differ on selective grounds. Their methods and material contents depend on the attributes they are aiming to bring in their products. You can differentiate between two solar products depending on the qualities that you want them to hold. Depending on these factors, you as a buyer go to the market and differentiate between the solar panels and then make your right decision, according to your preference and needs.

How to get accurate impact resistance for Longi (LR6-72PH) panels?

Firstly, impact resistance is needed to put a hold on the amount of energy being received by your solar panels during peak insolation. So that the internal mechanism of the solar panel does not get damaged. Now Longi panels are Monosilicon, efficient panels. With the increased efficiency of 17% to 19% (as compared to other solar panels), Longi solar panels demands for having a greater amount of impact resistance, as compared to its contemporaries in the market. One of the simplest ways to calculate its accurate impact resistance value is by dividing the amount of impact energy that your panel can generate (in Joule or lb) by its thickness (in meter). Usually, the average value of five specimens (here panels) shall be taken into consideration.


Scooping out the elementary information of the solar industry and presenting it in front of our readers stands to be our sole requisite. We want our readers to leverage the information that we provide on our website and further choose their solar panels and manufacturers smartly and effectively! Solar energy in the United States has skyrocketed over the past decade in terms of both popularity and usage. Many companies across the U.S are buying solar panels for their future installations. Examples- Duke Energy, Silicon Ranch, and 8minute Solar Energy. Going by the market share, the top three players at this very moment are Jinko Solar, JA Solar and Trina solar. In 2018, all these leading solar manufacturing companies climbed the ladder to the top through the potential of their work. Like Jinko solar had shipped 11.4 GW of modules. JA Solar, on the other hand, supplied modules for the first 300 MW bifacial Mono PERC double glass solar projects in Brazil. Not only this, the industry leader bonded its hands with a variety of major solar projects in Australia, Bangladesh, Japan, Mexico, Africa and many more. Trina solar as well provided 120 MW modules for a solar project in Morocco. Around 4.4 MW of solar modules were provided for a project in Japan by the Trina group that intended to pursue agricultural solar power generation. Not only this, the world-renowned company supplied for solar power generation in Argentina, Vietnam, and India. Particularly in the US, the companies SunPower, Sunrun and Vivint Solar are currently being looked up to, as the noblest ones. For example, the conversion efficiency level of SunPower panels has consistently managed to be in the world record over the last decade. As a matter of fact, SunPower panels are much expensive as compared to any cheaper brand like the Canadian Solar. Thus there are various factors, on the basis of what a solar panel or a panel manufacturing company might be distinguished or ranked. The size of your system and panel output will help you to decide which one will generate the maximum solar savings and the maximum immediate payback period. Features like energy-conversion efficiency, maintenance, and durability of different solar panels (of variant brands of course), determines the popularity of a model in the market, with respect to time.

The solar tax credits being dropped to 26 percent from next year, is likely to make a huge difference in project economics, subsequently rising high the demand. This is why more and more solar developers are indulging themselves in risk-undertaking. Having said all these, now we would like you to answer a few questions to yourself, being a solar shopper does it really matter to you whether or not you are availing from a top solar panel provider? What if your provider doesn’t belong to the top list of solar manufacturers? Always remember the actual ability of a company to provide and sell bulk amount of product/service to its customers, is the biggest testimony to its brand’s credibility and trust-building. You being a solar shopper should be very well able to differentiate between the qualities of solar panel brands and choose the one that best quenches the thirst of both your requirements and budget.

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