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3D solar cell designing

3D Solar Cell Designing Reshaping Your Solar Venture

Posted on May 14, 2019 by Team iSolarWorld

The future of renewable energy will now be determined by the coming – of – age technology - 3D solar cell designing. This innovative 3D designing can elicit some of the finest, worth investing for features in your entire solar panel set up process.

Professor David Lidzey, from the University of Sheffield, (who led this research), conveyed that this architecture is one of a kind! Based on a surface molded with micro-grooves, this can make your solar set up more efficient. The design of the back – faced solar module is both innovative and efficient.

Massachusetts researchers have reported that the higher energy output would equivalence the additional cost of manufacturing these 3D panels. The rudimentary reason for this improved power output and for the extra invariable output over time is that the 3D vertical surfaces can collect much more sunlight when the sun is closer to the horizon.

Advantages of this technology:-

  • Solar modules produced using this design will weigh only a fraction as compared to power conventional solar module which could benefit less developed and off-grid areas of the world where it is not permitted to transport heavy solar panels as well as a wide range of other applications
  • This technology includes removal of expensive transparent conductive oxides, the use of simple and low-cost electrical interconnections and the ability to tune electrical output to match user requirements.
  • This technology will deliver significant economic and social benefits to end users, including off-grid solutions, commercial and domestic systems, powering the internet of things, portable power generation and military applications.
  • Reduces the course of manufacturing process steps, required by existing photovoltaic modules and enables the usage of new materials, which are not usually appropriate in regular solar cells i.e. reduces the optical loses within a device.


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