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Five Things to Know Before Installing Solar

Five Things to Know Before Installing Solar

Posted on Dec. 21, 2018 by Clive Gomes

As the cost of solar keeps falling, more and more people are opting for solar other than the traditional source of energy, such as coal. Experts across the globe believe that the idea of powering house with solar panels has become popular. However, the newness of mainstream consumer solar power poses a challenge. There are not many people available who can guide you step by step if you wish to install a solar panel at your house. Keeping this in mind, iSolarWorld has discussed with some industry experts and figured out some useful guidelines that one can keep in mind before processing towards solar installation.

  1. Right roof to support panels

For solar installation in the home, a roof is a key factor. If most of the time of the year, your roof is not getting sun rays, remember that this might not have a favorable enough ‘solar window’ to justify the costs of panels. Before you take the step of solar installation, you need to assess this. If you don’t own a house, you can go for community solar option. Even if you have a sunlit rooftop, make sure that is in good shape. Solar installations nowadays have warranties for 20-25 years. If your roof needs maintenance during these years, you will not face any difficulties and no extra charges need to be paid.

  1. Panel requirement

After your roof, you now have to understand the solar panels. How many panels you required and which type will be apt for your home? You can asses this through this simple equation mentioned below:

We assume that the average requirement of electricity in USA=1000KW/month (1KW=1000W)

Therefore, the average requirement of electricity per day=33333w/day
Assuming, 1panel (360W) produces electricity with average sun hour 4.5/day= 360*4.5=1620W/Day 

In this condition, we require =33333W/1620= 21* solar panels

If we consider other loses, then it can require 20 to 30 solar panels

*shading loss, Roof surface area, Peak sunlight area etc.

Be confident that you know how to evaluate panels properly and this will help you know what kind of quality and efficiency you’re actually putting your money into.

  1. Expenditure on installation and savings

Solar is the best solution to reduce the cost of your electricity bill. The installation process is also pocket-savvy. Do a little research on the installation company and their offerings. Make sure you double check before spending your money.

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  1. Lease or buy?

Those days are gone when buying solar panels were the only way. Now you have the option of lease also. Leasing helps you to save money while buying own system may cost a hefty amount. Leasing, however, has certain drawbacks including a limited time period. You can get the electricity from your solar panel until you are paying for it.

  1. Background check of installer

This is an important element while installing panels at your home. Especially, credentials and references are necessary. You probably wouldn’t hire an electrician who had never done electrical work to come to your house and change things around as this entire process involves value for money. Before you sign any pact, never hesitate to get quotes from different installers available in your locality.  

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