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Five Ways to Harness Solar Energy

Five Ways to Harness Solar Energy

Posted on Feb. 1, 2019 by David Green

Solar panels and solar-powered devices were simply too expensive for the amount of power they generated for a very long time. However, solar technology has improved very rapidly and now this has become more efficient and less expensive. You can use solar power to light your home, cook your food, charge your devices, heat up water, and more by spending only a few dollars. The availability and easy access of solar has made this a popular choice of energy resource. Solar can also be used in several other ways.

Here, we will cover five different products that don’t require any electricity but only harnesses solar energy. these products can be used in a survival situation or for general outdoor use such as camping and hiking; however, you can also use these in your daily life as well.

  1. Mini Portable Solar Oven

In a grid down situation, a portable fan is a great thing to build a fire and roast food over it. You need nothing but enough sun to cook anything you want. With a thermometer, a trivet, a silicone pot (collapsible), and a bag for storage, this oven folds nicely for easy transportation. Whether at your home or going out, this portable solar oven is useful for any situation.

  1. Solar Lantern

This lantern offers five different power methods including solar, cranking, plugging it into an AC adapter or a car adapter, or installing 3 AA batteries. This means you have alternative options for cloudy days and night. Due to its polysilicon solar panels, these solar lantern consumes very little energy.   

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  1. LED sensor light

The installation process of this sensor light is very easy and it needs no plug as it is powered fully by solar. With sun’s energy, this light can charge itself during the day to create over twelve hours of non-stop light during the night. at an angle of one hundred and twenty degrees, the sensor has a total range of ten feet.

  1. Solar Powered Flashlight

This Solar Powered Flashlight has a total burn time of approximately 11-years if it is an LED. This solar powered flashlight, if used in the night only can last up to 22-years. An additional neat feature in this flashlight is it is completely waterproof and even floats.

  1. Solar backpack

If you are wondering that what this solar backpack is all about, let us tell you that this is a great choice for any outdoor enthusiast. This backpack comes with more than enough pockets, compartments for storing gear, equipment, and personal documents. while backpacking, hunting, hiking, or biking, the durable nylon fabric can hold up perfectly well. As this is powered by solar, you have the opportunity to charge a number of devices including mobile devices, GPS systems, and MP3 Players using this solar-powered backpack.

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