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Illinois Residents to go Solar with New Opportunity

Illinois Residents to go Solar

Posted on Aug. 17, 2018 by Team iSolarWorld

Residential solar and energy storage service provider Sunnova Energy Corp has started offering an opportunity to go solar through its solar lease agreement to all the homeowners in Illinois region. The Houston-based company intends to expand its solar offerings in Illinois later this month by providing a loan product.

The CEO of the company William J. (John) Berger said that the company’s goal is to empower homeowners across the northern part of Illinois to generate clean energy from their rooftops. “Thanks to a solar-friendly regulatory landscape, Illinoisans are now able to contract for greater energy savings and greater service through Sunnova’s 25-year Sunnova Protect warranty. We applaud the business and regulatory leaders of Illinois for creating a market opportunity to enable more clean energy for the state. Recent changes in policy surrounding the Illinois solar renewable credit program have opened up generous incentives, allowing consumers to undercut local utility rates,” said the CEO in a statement.

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homeowners in Illinois will have the opportunity to lease their systems through Sunnova’s Easy Save plan or to own their systems through the company’s Easy Own loan plan. with strong state incentives and rising utility prices, Illinois is primed for a solar energy boom. to acquire 25% of Illinois’ energy from renewable sources by 2025, the Illinois Power Agency had laid out a plan in 2016. This is a requirement from the federal Future Energy Jobs Act.

It is expected that this move into the Illinois market will allow the company to bring solar to more homeowners, as it allows Sunnova to work closely and help fuel the growth of network of regional solar installation dealers in the Midwest. “More solar equals more solar jobs,” noted executive vice president of channel operations and chief procurement officer of Sunnova, John Santo Salvo. The company is eager to provide homeowners with better options to better control their monthly electricity bills and, at the same time, reduce the amount of energy they have to pull from the grid.

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