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Puerto Rico Healthcare Centre Bring Electricity By Solar

Posted on July 25, 2018 by Team iSolarWorld

Thousands of residents in Puerto Rico are yet to come out from the trauma of last year’s hurricane tragedy, which left the island completely devastated. People living here are without electricity and running water since the hurricane “Maria” blasted the U.S. coast in September 2017. When the hurricane struck Caribbean island, it left this territory completely blackout as the entire power grid was shut down. This is considered as the longest and largest time blackout in the US history. A year has almost passed, and nothing seems changed in this area. Although the situation is such grieve, inmates at the Mameyes Abajo primary healthcare centre in Utuado town have a perfect reason to smile as they will have access to electricity soon. The Healthcare centre will get solar-powered energy and is expected to come back to the normal life.

German Energy Company Sonnen has specially made a solar-plus-storage microgrid project in the clinic, which is located in a rural, mountainous region. This initiative will bring electricity back at the hospital building, which was built in an unused house and is serviced by the local organization, Corporation for Health and Socioeconomic Development of OTOAO.

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in collaboration with Sonnen’s local energy partner, Pura Energía, the microgrid was installed, along with a donated sonnenBatterie eco 16 (8 kW/16kWh) smart energy storage system, which is paired with a 10 kW rooftop solar system provided by Pura Energía. the clinic is located in a region, where receiving regular medical supplies and providing treatment both seems challenging due to the lack of electricity. reliant on the microgrid to power its healthcare technology, lights, and refrigeration, the clinic is now running entirely off grid.

since the Hurricane shattered Puerto Rico’s life, Sonnen and Pura Energía have installed 10 microgrid systems in this island yet. The clinic one is the 10thamong these. community and relief centers, washing machines and Laundromat centers, food distribution centers, and schools are some other areas, where micro grids have been installed to normalise the situation in this island.

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