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Solar is the Solution to Avert Wildfires

Solar is the Solution to Avert Wildfires

Posted on Sept. 10, 2018 by Clive Gomes

Across the globe, wildfire incidents have increased especially places like California, Greece, and Indonesia. You just open a morning newspaper and find images of smouldering trees, menacing flames and fleeing families. among the scientific community, there is a global consensus that the increasing severity and occurrence of wildfires is directly linked to climate change. However, human activity has also been identified as the immediate solutions. Research indicates that large wildfires in the United States burn more than twice the area they did in 1970 and average wildfire season is 78 days longer.

Now, let us tell you how solar is the hero here. Solar power is the alternative to the traditional energy such as coal, oil and natural gas, which since the 19th century have been furiously emitting greenhouses gases. Greenhouse gases are known to trap radiation from the sun in the atmosphere, thereby warming the earth and trapping noxious gases. Many dangerous consequences like rising global temperatures, extreme weather, extended drought and ocean acidification can happen following the greenhouse gas emission. To break this harmful cycle of pollution, we need to alter the way of generating electricity and solar remains an effective source of alternative energy.

By offering an alternative infrastructure of energy generation and distribution that will protect vulnerable communities from different threats of fire and disaster, solar plays an important role.  Founder and president of Sullivan Solar Power, Daniel Sullivan said that as the name states, fossil fuels are outdated, a way of the past. The energy expert said that smaller community microgrids, as well as grid independence where solar can be produced and stored onsite and shared within the community, are safer options to the vast network of current dirty energy-fuelled grids.

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Sullivan Solar Power hopes to bring the fundamental change in generating electricity. For nearly 15 years, the company is developing solar storage projects in Southern California. When disasters occur, fired plants and natural gas pipelines don’t have the resiliency of renewable; microgrid solutions can only bring electricity back into these disaster-hit areas. These microgrids are actually the immediate solutions for the energy crisis.

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