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Tesla to Come up with World’s largest Solar Roof

Tesla to Come up with World’s largest Solar Roof

Posted on Oct. 23, 2018 by Team iSolarWorld

Energy giant Tesla once again snapped its investors, followers and competitors to attention with a roughly drawn Helioscope system analysis of company’s proposed 70MW solar roof on its Nevada situated Gigafactory. The rooftop is considered as the largest of its kind anywhere in the worldand will approach around 5.8 million square feet of rooftop space. The company recently tweeted an image of an east-west racking structure utilizing ~350 W 72 cell solar modules, based on Tesla suggesting approximately 200,000 modules would fill out the facility.

Gigafactory 1 will have the largest rooftop solar array in the world upon completion – 70MW or roughly ~200,000 solar panels.

In the Helioscopeanalysis, a single portion of the Gigafactory structure was modeled. With total 2.59 MW of capacity,this subsection held 7,510 modules. This one section of the building is bigger than 200,000 square feet, and with an end structure size of 5.8 million square feet. This means an additional 27 units of this size are expected, getting us to the 70 MW value.

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Tesla will be able to maximize the number of solar modules on a limited amount of roof space with the east-west solar module alignment. PV system will produce less electricity and this means it makes great economic sense and it is perhaps the model gets the most electricity out of the rooftop.

the Gigafactory itself, is also being built in stages to increase the manufacturing limit while works continue. Mass production of battery cells officially kicked off in January 2017. The CEO and founder Elon Musk has tweeted that he expects the Gigafactory to be 100% renewable at the end of 2019.investment group Worm Capital in a recent tour to the factory expressed their satisfaction.

Worm Capital’s Eric Markowitz and Dan Crowley in a company blog said, “After touring the facility, we feel highly confident in Tesla’s production process.” They also mentioned that the previous bottlenecks appear to have been remedied, and they are increasingly optimistic in Tesla’s ability to hit— and sustain—weekly production rates of 6,000 model 3 battery units per week, and with new Grohmann machine, scale to ~8,000 / week with minimal additional capital investment.

German-engineered Grohmann machines are expected to help make module production at the plant “three times faster, and three times cheaper. Earlier it was projected that the rooftop would only be able to hold ~100,000 solar modules on a 43 acre structure that was about 1.9 million square feet.

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