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Top Five US Colleges to Study Renewable Energy

Top Five US Colleges to Study Renewable Energy

Posted on Jan. 7, 2019 by David Green

It is believed that on a finite planet Earth, we will never have infinite resources and therefore, the need to efficiently utilize the resources that our environment affords us is vital for the future of not just our own way of life, but also for the broader ecosystem. Without any surprise, one of the blossoming fields of study with a vibrant future is nothing but studying sustainable and renewable energy.The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the United States in its latest report defined a green job as a career which ‘produces goods or provides services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources’. Wind Energy, Solar Power, or Green Construction are some of the career options fall into this category. According to the BLS, Wind Turbine Service Technician is the fastest growing career from now until the year 2024, with an expected growth rate of 108%.

much of the controversy about climate change seems null and void in the wake of the Paris Climate Accord. For the renewable and sustainable energy industries, this is great news indeed. there will be more demand for qualified professionals to develop, install, and maintain renewable energy technologies as the industry is poised to grow.

Following the immense growth of the renewable energy sector and the future demand of solar experts worldwide, iSolarWorld has listed top five academic institutions in US for the solar aspirants to pursue a degree in renewable or sustainable energy systems.

  1. University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley is a public research university that has long been a leader in addressing global issues and concerns. Its full-time MBA program in energy and clean technology was created to help individuals in the business and public policy sectors address energy problems. This program explores energy issues from every angle, including engineering, environmental, and fundamental science perspectives. Leaders are being invited by the university to share their insights with current students about the global energy arena. The student also has opportunities to partner with other graduate students from law, engineering, science, and policy programs to address the challenges of bringing new energy technology to the global marketplace.

  1. University of Michigan

The Energy Institute of the University of Michigan offers master degrees in energy systems engineering and in sustainable systems. This program is the first in the country to focus on developing leaders who are prepared to dynamically respond to changes in environmental and energy needs across the globe.The Sustainable Systems program is a dual degree that prepares graduates with strong foundations in both engineering and sustainability.

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  1. Oregon Institute of Technology

The Oregon Institute of Technology rolled out North America’s first four-year undergraduate degree program in renewable energy in 2005. to prepare graduates to develop, manage, and implement sustainable energy technologies, the Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy engineering program is effective. This program provides a foundation in maths, physics, and chemistry. Instruction in energy management, wind power, photovoltaics, and fuel cells are some core courses. In 2012, the Institute added a Master of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering.

  1. Stanford University

The Stanford University offers graduate and professional certificate programs in renewable energy through its Center for Professional Development. TheseEnergy technologies certificate courses are apt for working professionals who wish to expand their knowledge or broaden their career options. Students have opportunities to get either a graduate certificate in energy engineering and technologies or a professional certificate in energy innovation and emerging technologies. from cellulosic biofuels and solar cells to electrochemical energy conversion and entrepreneurship in engineering and science-based industries, this institute offers a course on every topic.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has an energy studies minor that provides students with a combination of theory and hands-on experience. For the MIT, energy is always a subject that permeates across all disciplines so the university integrates undergraduate energy education across all schools, departments, and programs. This institute offers undergraduates the chance to participate firsthand in energy research related to a variety of energy and environmental challenges. Aspirants also have research opportunities that involve energy sources such as wind, solar, nuclear, and geothermal.

there will be an increased need for skilled workers as the demand for clean and renewable energy sources are exponentially growing. for people looking to start a career in renewable energy or expand their current professional goals to include sustainable energy, there are plenty of options available. These five institutes are the best place to start researching which program will meet your education needs and career goals.


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